Common Notations on Czech German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees

"0\0" negative for dysplasia on left hip\right hip
2\2 dysplasia in both hips
ZM title Basic working title similar to a Bh but with bite work
ZPO Czech Protection Dog title. SPO may be the Slovak equivalent
SPO Slovak Protection dog title.
SP/PS Border Patrol Dog title
SVV, ZVV SchH (Schutzhund)
ZZZIntro/Basic Qualification for SAR work
ZZP1,2,3Urban/Disaster Work
ZLP1,2,3Avalanche/Wilderness Work
ZVP1,2,3Water/Wilderness Work
vyborny Equivalent to conformation rating "V" or excellent in the class
velmi dobra (dobry) Equivalent to conformation rating "SG" or Very Good in the class
dobra (dobry) Equivalent to conformation rating "G" or Good in the class
Vitez tridy Breed Survey championship
Krajsky vitez Regional Champion
Vitez CR Czech National Champion
CKSP Czech Registry
ev.c Czech Republic
UM Denotes participant in Czech Nationals
SKSP Slovakian Registry
MET NJ Hungarian (Magyar) Registry (MEOE)
Juhasz Hungarian German Shepherd Registry
HPJ Hungarian Prima Junior
HCH Hungarian Champion
HDGY Hungarian Derby Winner
HFGY Hungarian Breed Winner
RPJ Romanian title
JR Yugoslavian Registry
JR NO Jugoslovakian
Nemecky Ovciak Jugoslovakian German Shepherd Registry
NHBS Dutch (Netherlands) German Shepherd Registry

Additional International (SV) Notations Often Found on German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees


  • SR - Show Rating
  • BS - Breed survey
  • DNA - genetically tested to prove descent
  • LGZS - Regional breed show
  • BSZS - National breed show
  • BSP - National working trial
  • LGA - Regional qualification working trial


  • cerna znaky - Black and brown
  • vlkoseda - sable
  • celocerna - black
  • s'ediv/s'ed - gray
  • q - dark pigment
  • b - brown
  • bg - brown tan
  • d - dark
  • g - tan
  • gew - dingy, mixed colors
  • ggr - tan gray sable
  • v - wolf gray, dark features
  • gr - grey
  • grg - greyish tan
  • h - light
  • s - black
  • w - white
  • A - Marking
  • C - straight short croup
  • Br - Breast
  • D - Blanket
  • F - Muzzle
  • Kopfanbz - Headmarking
  • L - Legs
  • M - Mask
  • Pf - Paws
  • R - Back
  • S - Saddle


  • VA - Excellent Select
  • V - Excellent
  • SG - Very Good
  • G - Good
  • S - Sufficient
  • M - Insufficient
  • U - Unsatisfactory


  • a1 - excellent
  • a2 - good
  • a3 - fair
  • a6 - denotes rating by a foreign hip evaluation scheme (ie OFA rating)
  • DKK - Degeneracia Kostneho Klbu - denotes Czech hip rating, eg "DKK 0/0"
  • RTG - Rvtngen - denotes Slovak hip rating, eg "RTG 'a'"
  • HD-status:B1 - hip notation as noted by Denmark system (a,b,c)
  • 0/0 on Finnish pedigree - denotes elbows; however Finland uses a,b,c scheme for hips

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