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NorthWest K9 Foundation Training Program Graduates

Welcome to our gallery of some of the NorthWest K9 Graduates now serving in lifetime careers of service in Police K9, Search and Rescue, Detection, Assistance, and lifetime companion.

In Praise of Working Dog Temperament

Wisdom, that master of jewels, should be the light that directs us in all our endeavors, most certainly in our canine partnerships. In these relationships, the dog and its person work together in a single powerful team. It is an intoxicating joy to see harmony and love between the species. Wisdom gives us pause to reflect before a superb working dog -- a beautiful German Shepherd Dog. This encounter with canine reality never leaves us the same as we started. The world of the working dog touches us with its nobility. So great and yet so ordinary. From it may we glean the wisdom to grow stronger ourselves in whatever work we pursue. True working dog temperament is at harmony with the universe because it is exactly what it was meant to be by its Creator. Every element is united for the purpose of the working whole. Wisdom leads us to stand with respect and in reverence before the wonderful reality of the working German Shepherd Dog, truly one of nature's greatest gifts. -- Theresa Mancuso

NorthWest K9's Bademus
Bademus is an all black male German Shepherd with pronounced drives, with a wonderfully biddable character and engaging personality. Selected by a handler in Washington for advanced training for competitive Schutzhund sport with an emphasis on tracking.

NorthWest K9's Baltazar
Baltazar is an all black male German Shepherd showing very strongly in his early foundation program training. A highly social pup with pronounced scent, ball and tug and overall environmental strength and confidence, selected by a Police Officer in California for advanced training and family/home security.

NorthWest K9's Bracara
Bracara is a beautifully balanced pup overall, full of energetic play and enthusiastic confidence. Selected by a military officer and family in Washington for training for future competitive sport and family/home security.

NorthWest K9's Barnabas
Barnabas is a handsome all black boy, engagingly playful and interactive. A particularly affectionate and attentive pup selected by a Washington family to join their recreational activities.

NorthWest K9's Bajrak
Bajrak is a demonstrably personable pup with a beautifully balanced temperament particularly keen for training. He was placed with a County SWAT oficer and his family in Washington and is in training for wilderness tracking.

NorthWest K9's Bennoc
Bennoc is a superbly athletic and agile dog possessing high drive in all areas, with outstanding hunt drive. Now in training for SAR Air Scent certification with King County Search Dogs.

NorthWest K9's Janna
Janna is a young German Shepherd Dog of wonderful character that progressed rapidly through foundation training, acquired for Urban Tracking and competitive Schutzhund sport.

NorthWest K9's Ike
Ike is a little pistol of a ball-crazy Australian Cattle Dog, acquired at green status by a metropolitan Police K9 Unit in western Washington, now a Certified Narcotics Detection Dog in service.

NorthWest K9's Gatlin
Gatlin showed strongly in all phases and was acquired by a metropolitan Police K9 Unit in western Washington and is now deployed as a Certified Patrol Dog Generalist.

NorthWest K9's Frenke
Frenke brings his impressive mantrailing skills to his advanced training for dual purpose Patrol Dog and Narcotics Detection certification with a police K9 unit in North Carolina.

NorthWest K9's Riley
Riley is an impressively balanced German Shepherd Dog of substance and character now providing personal protection for a travelling professional and her daughter in Washington state.

NorthWest K9's Cassius
Cassius is a highly social, beautifully balanced and environmentally sure young male graduating to training and certification for Urban, Wilderness, and Water Search and Rescue in New York City.

NorthWest K9's Zeus
Zeus the brilliant little Cattle Dog ball nut graduates to advanced training and certification for Explosive Ordnance Detection with US Customs.

NorthWest K9's Boris
Boris is a dark sable adolescent ball and tug nut showing strongly in his early mantrailing. He is continuing his sport training with a retired police officer in Oregon.

NorthWest K9's Azmina
Azmina is a highly driven young female showing outstanding trainability and potential. She graduated to training for dual purpose Police K9/detection in Idaho.

NorthWest K9's Tycho
Tycho is a 22-month-old German Shepherd male showing lively play and trainability, and environmental sureness. Tycho graduates to advanced training and certification for dual purpose Police K9/Narcotics Detection in Virginia.

NorthWest K9's Quark
Quark is a superb example of the hard-working Australian Cattle Dog breed. Quark graduated to advanced training and is a certified dual purpose Wilderness Search and Rescue Dog and Cadaver Detection Dog with King County Search Dogs, supporting King County Police Special Operations for missing person searches in Washington State.

NorthWest K9's Serge
Serge is a young sable male, lively and enthusiastic in the training. With a strong foundation in tracking, obedience, and agility, Serge is now a fully certified dual purpose Patrol Dog/Narcotics Detection Dog in Minnesota.

NorthWest K9's Rutger
Rutger is a handsome young male with wonderful temperament and character overall. Rutger completed his foundation training at NorthWest K9 before graduating to advanced Schutzhund training with his law enforcement handler and family in Washington state.

NorthWest K9's Oskar
Oskar is a 10-month-old boy with strong ball, play, and retrieve drives. Showing promising potential for training, Oskar was acquired at green status by a Police K9 Officer in Washington state.

NorthWest K9's Nikita
Nikita defines the term "pocket rocket." An all-black ball nut and retrieving natural, Nikita's animated character, athleticism, and keen trainability are a super match for her new career as a Wheelchair Assistance Dog, providing support and security for her teammate in Washington state.

NorthWest K9's Luger
Luger is a young German Shepherd male of outstanding temperament and character. He graduates to his future career in narcotics interdiction and patrol with US Immigration and Naturalization in Southern California.

NorthWest K9's Kroto
Kroto is a natural athlete, a substantial year-old male showing strong drives and potential for service. He graduated to advanced training and is now a certified Patrol Dog Generalist in service with a metropolitan Police K9 Unit in Washington state.

NorthWest K9's Jodl
Jodl is a drivey, wonderfully confident puppy boy showing great potential in all areas of training. He graduates to future training for Patrol Dog certification in Washington State.

NorthWest K9's Itzak
Itzak is a young ball nut with pronounced drives and strong foundation tracking abilities. He was selected by a metropolitan Police K9 Unit in Washington State for training and is now a certified Patrol Dog Generalist in service.

NorthWest K9's Hesta
Hesta is a beautiful young female with super agility skills. She'll be a natural for advanced obedience and agility training with her new family who train Appaloosa horses in Oregon.

NorthWest K9's Fausto
Fausto is a handsome young male with high drives overall. His keeness for tracking, intense focus, and enthusiastic agility assure his future career as dual purpose Police K9 in Utah.

NorthWest K9's Eckhart
Eckhart demonstrates the best of the classic Eastern European bloodlines with substance, strength, and self-right confidence. He is the personal companion for a business owner in Washington State, with Schutzhund sport in his future.

NorthWest K9's D�nitz
D�nitz is a lively, enthusiastic dog with advanced tracking and trailing competency. Trained to Bh-level obedience, D�nitz graduates to future training for Avalanche SAR in Colorado.
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NorthWest K9's Bacchus
Bach is a confident male demonstrating balanced drives in all disciplines. He graduates to his lifetime career in K9 SAR serving in urban and wilderness SAR, avalanche rescue, K9 patrol, and Sheriff's special task force activities in Utah.

NorthWest K9's Axel
Axel -- Substantial black and tan male from East European working bloodlines. A confident, self-right dog, Axel is now a certified Police K9 Patrol Dog in service with a metropolitan Police K9 unit in Washington state.

Puppy Boy Fonzie embarks for his future career as dual purpose Police K9 in Indiana.

Puppy Girl Freya will be trained and certified for wilderness Search and Rescue in Maine.

Puppy Girl Fireball begins her training for Search and Rescue in Washington State.

Dugan -- Black and red German Shepherd male, brother to NWK9 graduate K9 SAR Dog Dora. He graduated to certified Narcotics Detection Dog and dual-purpose Police K9 in Indiana.

Dora -- Beautiful deep red sable female, sister to graduate Police K9 Dugan. Dora graduated to her new career of service in K9 SAR in Georgia where she is in training for urban, water, and wilderness Search and Rescue certification.

Eli -- A high drive, handsome black and red male from international champion stock. Eli graduated to advanced training as Police Patrol Dog in Michigan.

Tess -- Black Czech/DDR female with character and work ethic utilized in her new career in Oregon as a Wheelchair Assistance Dog, empowering her teammate with round-the-clock independence and security.

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