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Dog Trainer News (blog)

Ask the dog trainer- How do I get my dog to come when called? (blog)
First, review your dog's name. Bitsy hears her name a thousand times a day: Bitsy wanna go for a walk? Bitsy hungry? Bitsy, stop it. Bitsy, no. Bitsy, as a word, means nothing to Bitsy. Load yourself up with some treats when your dog isn't paying ...


The secrets behind training well-behaved dogs
Turner sought the help from a trainer and realized she was the issue. "I was putting my nervous energy on her," Turner said. Dog trainer Dean Miller said a dog needs the strength and leadership from its owner before it is able to function in that capacity.

7-year-old dog trainer takes on Tulsa dog competition hosted by the ...
7-year-old Chloe Bales was clearly the smallest competitor at Sunday's Tulsa Dog Club Agility trials, but also one of the most talented.

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Salina Journal (subscription)

Dog trainer talks puppy problems, training techniques and more
Salina Journal (subscription)
Schaier, author of “Wag That Tail: A Trainer's Guide to a Happy Dog,” a book that stresses the importance of exercise and socialization for pets and “What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting a Puppy,” which prepares pet owners on the challenges they ...

East Bay Times

Puppies descend on Oakland airport for guide dog training
East Bay Times
Guide dogs and their handlers go through a TSA security checkpoint at the Oakland International Airport on Sunday, March 19, 2017, in Oakland, Calif. About 25 ...
Future guide dogs get training at Oakland Airport - Story | KTVUKTVU San Francisco

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Santa Barbara Independent

Dog Trainer Curbs Chihuahua's Bullying
Santa Barbara Independent
My Riley is a little guy: 11 pounds soaking wet. But when his new, bigger “brother” Bruce moved in, that tiny Chihuahua ruled the roost like he was a 110-pound pooch. Bruce is a pit bull/cattle dog mix who looks like a Holstein cow and has the energy ...

The Detroit News

Dog trainer talks puppy problems, training techniques - Detroit News
The Detroit News
Does your dog nip? Jump? Keep you up at night? The solution could be as simple as exercise, says Michael Schaier, an author and certified dog trainer from ...

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CBS San Francisco Bay Area

Oakland Dog Trainer Now Ringmaster Of Canine Circus School
CBS San Francisco Bay Area
OAKLAND (CBS SF) — It's official: the circus has gone to the dogs – at least as far as Francis Metcalf is concerned. Metcalf is the self-styled ringmaster of Oakland's California Canine Circus School, a reward-based dog training course that encourages ...

Sewardcity News

Scotch Pines Dog Training Returning to Seward June 22
Sewardcity News
Your dog will progress from kindergarten to graduation in 9 weeks and class is held once a week for two hours. No food treats; No shock collars; No clickers; No panic; No leashes (after week 6 of 9). Does that sound like fiction to you? It could be ...

Northern Arizona Today

Dog Training Classes Offered at Second Chance Center for Animals ...
Northern Arizona Today
Trainers at Second Chance Center for Animals work everyday to improve a dog's adoptability. The shelter offers two classes, including obedience training for ...

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